Free from the GRID!

Grid Free Electricity

The grid-free electricity experience is no longer just a dream.

We specialise in making this true in many different ways.

Use your own electrical energy derived from the sun.

Experience energy freedom anywhere that there is enough sunshine.

PeCoPower - PV

Grid Free - PeCo PowerBrickGrid Free - PeCoPower InverterBrick

We are convinced
Lithium batteries and other promising new battery technologies are the future and therefore no longer offer lead batteries as an option on our systems. Significant cost reductions and improved availability since 2016 has reinforced tis decision.

Compact size, low weight and long life makes
LiFePO4 the techology of choice at present.

Convenient solutions are available for many off-grid applications like:
rural housing,
remote security installations,
hunting expeditions,
disaster relief,
portable power,
drone charging,
and more

These solutions also offer the potential for alleviating the irritation of grid failure or blackout.

Such systems are also extremely suitable for disaster response (like the recent floods [2022] in KZN).

We offer our systems based on the core
PeCo power technology developed and manufactured in South Africa.
This makes it possible to accommodate any future changes in battery technology.